Wild Bird

Wild Bird feeding is an ever growing hobby for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages.american_goldfinch_b13-40-0

We stock an extensive selection of feeders from window, squirrel proof ,and thistle feeders to sunflower, peanut and mixed seed feeders. We also carry a complete line of hooks, poles and baffles to complete your wild bird feeding area.

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The type of wild bird seed you choose plays an important part in the variety of birds you will attract. We carry 9 specific mixes from Blue Seal, ranging from a heavy corn mix for the larger birds and ground feeders to a corn free mix. We carry specialty mixes including fruit flavored, and mixes formulated especially for finches, woodpeckers and cardinals. We also carry a mess free mix and sunflower seeds with no hulls.

If you like to create a custom mix, we have a variety of 5 pound to 50 pound bags of striped sunflower and black oil sunflower, safflower, peanuts, millet, cracked and whole corn.

We also stock a large variety of suet for year round feeding and suet baskets. Suet baskets come in all shapes and sizes,including hanging, pole mounted, and squirrel proof.

Whether you are a true hobbyist or just getting started, stop in and talk to our knowledgeable staff who can make suggestions and answer your questions.