Our Team

That Guy With Rocks in His Head


Since he was a boy, Dan has always been fascinated by rocks and minerals. Now after many adventures as an adult, Dan has an amazing collection of rocks and minerals here at P&D. Come in and check out his stunning collection of rocks and minerals from all over the world and admire their beauty. Dan also knows about the many hidden powers that people believe these rare stones hold. The guy with rocks in his head is the one you want to talk to.
The Queen Bee of Ornithology 


Our mother bird here at P&D, Paulette is sharp in all things birds. She knows which seeds you need to feed and which feeders to put them in. Feel free to come in and browse her vast collection of feeders of all shapes and sizes. Also, feel free to pick her brain to make sure you’re feeding the right kind of seed for the birds you want in your yard. She’s the one to ask.
Jan Queen of the Orders


Jan is the Buyer for P&D Pet Supply. If you can’t find something please let her know and she
will do everything in her power to check with our distributors to find exactly what you are looking for. Jan has an excellent amount of pet, horse and livestock knowledge. She will help you find everything you need for your pets.
Sara the Sweetheart
Sara is our retail manager and merchandiser. She is always there to welcome you with a smile and help you in any way she can. She has great experience in sales, excellent product knowledge and is a valued member of our team here, and an absolute sweetheart. If you need anything ordered, please let her know.
Scott is our warehouse manager here at P & D Pet Supply. He does our delivery to Pocono Down and our farm deliveries. He is our pond and water garden expert. He can tell you exactly what you need to complete your backyard oasis. He can also help with maintenance issues & open and close water features for our customers.



Joe is our assistant warehouse and delivery team member. He keeps our warehouse clean and organized on a daily basis. He is responsible for for rotating all our feeds so you have the freshest feed at all times.