Health & Grooming

tips-on-starting-a-dog-grooming-businessWe stock a wide variety of shampoos for your pets. We have oatmeal and hypoallergenic formulas, anti fungal formulas, and scented shampoos with scents that last up to two weeks!

If you don’t want to bathe your pet, try our no rinse formulas that clean and deodorize instantly.

So many dogs and cats have allergies and skin sensitivities. We have many products to help soothe, heal and take the itch away.

Do you want your dog to have the freshest breath and pearly whites? We have toothpaste, brushes, dental rinses and more.

Supplements for senior dogs are extremely necessary. You can help ease your dog into his senior years by choosing a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement for his specific needs. It truly makes a difference. We also have all natural anxiety reducers for car trips and visits to the vet. We have skin and coat supplements including brewers yeast, and digestive aids so your pet will digest the most from his diet. We also carry wormers for dog and cats.

Fleas and ticks are always a problem in the summer months right through the fall. We can give you expert advice to help you keep your pet’s environment as flea and tick free as possible. We carry a wide variety of spot ons and flea collars for dogs and cats which treat all stages of the flea life cycle. These products also kill ticks. We can also recommend foggers and sprays to keep your pet’s environment, both inside and out, flea free.

If you’re thinking about grooming your pet, stop in and check out our selection of grooming tools and accessories.