shutterstock_dog_treatP&D’s dog department has a wide variety of products for our best friends, no matter what life stage he or she may be in.

Nutrition is foremost for a healthy dog. Good nutrition is reflected in a dog’s appetite, energy level, skin and coat and overall well being.

P&D carries a wide variety of nutritionally complete, highly digestible dog foods to enhance your pet’s health. Puppies and seniors have different requirements than adult dogs, from chews to toys to treats to dental care. There is also a difference in requirements for small and large breeds…raised feeders being one, to aid in digestion and stance.

Crate training is also an integral part of puppy raising. We carry a complete line of crates and carriers. Please talk to our knowledgeable  staff to get puppy training pointers about house breaking  your new puppy quickly and keeping your puppy safe.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and so do beds. We stock cuddlers, pillow beds, orthopedic beds for our senior companions as well as self warming mats and electrically heated beds. And there are lots of colors and patterns!

We have toys galore! Toys that squeak, talk, and play music, soft toys, fleece toys, hard rubber toys for aggressive chewers and more.

We carry incredible selection of treats, chews and biscuits for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

We sell a huge collection of collars and leashes in beautiful colors and patterns in a variety of sizes.

P&D’s knowledgeable staff can help you make the right decisions in raising a healthy, happy, and fun loving,  life long companion.