Deer & Wildlife

deer_png10181P&D Pet Supply stocks an extensive line of wildlife products. From Blue Seal Feeds we carry whole corn, cracked corn, several sweet feeds which are a mix of grains, pellets, and molasses, and a deer pellet, created exclusively for the deer with a high alfalfa content.

In addition we carry deer corn with apple flavoring and molasses.  We also stock Antler Max Deer Pellets by Purina, which are water resistant.

Along with feeds we have salt licks from 4 pounds to 50 pounds and deer blocks. Feeds, blocks and licks are attractive to all wildlife, not just deer.

We are also a supplier of Antler King Products. Antler King carries a high end deer pellet, mineral blocks, and 25 pound mineral supplements for the true wildlife enthusiast.

To top off your deer feed, try adding Molasses to attract the wildlife to your feeder.

The staff at P&D Pet Supply can provide you with information and products for all your wildlife needs.