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Bailey's Blabbering Blog
Hello again everyone, Bailey checking in again. That's Bailey the dog, not Baylee the employee (seen to the left). We definitely get confused about that from time to time, or at least I do. lol
Its been a while since my last blog and I have been keeping busy and getting used to the wonderful life of the P&D store dog!!
Ive been with the Friedman's at P&D nearly a year and a half now and I am getting better at my job! I do have one bad habit that I am still working on. I tend to bark at men with beards that wear hats, especially if they are tall.  I just can't control myself sometimes, but other times I'm not so bad. I love kids, other dogs and women. I just can't get over the barking at men! I'm working hard to correct it though.

To my male friends out there, I'm harmless but I can startle you if you don't see me coming. Hopefully I can correct my bad habit soon! I am told that the more "hatted" visitors I get the better. I will behave in the long run so please come visit me soon. When you get here I will show you which treats are my favorite and maybe I can sample it for you. ;-)

See you very soon!


Bailey's Blabbering Blog
Hello Everyone!

     I am Bailey the dog from P & D Pet Supply. My people parents adopted me in late March of 2014. I am so happy to have my forever home. I am training hard every day to become the best P & D greeter that I can be. Please stop in and ask for me. If you don't see me, sometimes I hang out in the office. I love to chase my fleece ball so be sure to throw it for me. I will be sure to show you my retrieving skills. Be careful though, I slide a lot in the store while I am running.

      Everyone tells me I am part Labrador and part Rhodesian Ridgeback, whatever that means, I just think I'm a dog. I like to play with your dogs and cats so bring them to visit me too. Remember to keep them on a leash when there in the store so I can run faster than them if I need too.

       I'm learning about the treats here at P & D also so I can recommend my favorites if you ask me. All dogs don't like the same treats but Zukes are the most popular, with most of us. If you or any family members are at nervous around dogs visit me, I am not scarey at all.

       Please E-mail me if you have questions about your pets. If I don't know the answer I will sniff it out for you.

Your Friend,